Slow Down!

Published May 1, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

Why is the world moving so fast?
Is the world going crazy?
I want to be lazy.

 Our brains are wired to cells and ipods
We don’t look…we don’t hear
Don’t  know when danger is near.

Maybe  I would go and visit the zoo,
Or just take a walk and chit chat with you.

 No plan no appointment
Don’t have to be anywhere
How nice it would be to not have a care.


11 comments on “Slow Down!

  • Really liked what you wrote. Maybe we should forego some of our rush-a-day, hurry-up technological world and revert back to some more simple pleasures, find time for peace and quiet, not violence and videos. Yeah, I’m “old” and talk about the “good old days” but there was a sense of peace and trust back there, and a sense of self that was based on you, not what you owned. I know…, I’m rambling…, just like a lot of “old” people do, Anyway, this was my first visit to your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best to you.

  • Hi 🙂

    No recent posts? … You must be busy. Happy new year to you – may it not be so FAST. This is a great post, & worth the pause.

    I love a quote I heard once, really do:

    “It’s a great day for a race.”
    “What? What race?”
    “The human race.”

    Let’s not race today though, hey 🙂

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