Disco Dynasty Part III

Published May 15, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

We met in late June of  ’79

but it simply was not the right time.


As fate would have it, we would meet again,

the months had passed, and the summer did end.


It wasn’t easy making plans

between us…5 kids

with lots of demands.


I loved those Sunday mornings, I felt so carefree

you cooking up your special breakfast for me


It was hard to find time to be alone, so we would

be happy chatting on the phone.


Their weekend, our weekend….what should we do

I think we can take the kids to the zoo.


We made it work, we made it last,

the years were good, they passed so fast.


 Our love grew stronger with each passing day

He always knew the right thing to say.


It was not easy making plans

between us…

five kids with lots of demands.



14 comments on “Disco Dynasty Part III

  • Hi there 🙂

    I just wanted to say thanks for coming by, thanks for commenting when you do. I appreciate your continued interest. It’s great to think my story may reach some people.

    Sincere best,


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