Oh Baby

Published June 14, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

It was late December in 63,

what an exciting time for me.

Getting ready for the big event,

Christmas quickly came and went.

I was growing with each passing day

waiting for signs you were on your way.

Your room was ready, all shinny and new

I even had a name picked for you.

Dad wanted to help get things going,

Taking me on car rides, and rocking rocking and a rolling.

We made our plans to bring in the new year,

I could’t believe you still were’t here.

The doctor must have messed up the date,

now you were 6 days late.

New Year’s Eve morn I felt a little funny,

I had a strange pain starting in my tummy.

Dad called the doctor who said, “bring her in”

  I was so happy, I started to grin.

But the doctor said I wasn’t ready,

so he would induce to make the pains come more steady.

Two centermeters, three centimeters, what does it mean,

I am starting to feel like I’m in a dream.

The sceen is set, the lights are bright,

when you made your entrance the special night.

The delivery team were cheering, the doctor relieved,

he had big plans for New Years Eve.

When I saw you for the very first time

I knew you were special and glad you were mine.

You had perfect red lips with a little pout,

your eyes were so bright, just checking things out.

All alone with you on that magical night,

I held you in my arms and it just felt so right.

I was so thrilled you were here,

Oh what a special

Happy New Year.


16 comments on “Oh Baby

  • Your 1st two lines reminded me of a Frankie Valli song:
    “Late December back in ’63
    What a very special time for me,
    What a lady, what a night” – I thought you were going to do a take on that song and thought how funny that might have been. Liked your post here a lot.

  • Hi there 🙂

    Just came by to see how you are and what might be new. Some people blog less than others, sure, but it’s great you still have this beautiful space out there in cyberspace.

    I will never forget when I first read your God’s Wink moment. I loved that.


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