A “God’s Wink” Moment

Published August 28, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

A “God’s wink” is what some people would call a
coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply ani
experience so astonishing that it could only have
come from  God.

 I would like to share one of these moments that I experienced
with you today, in the form of a short poem.
Having lost my mother, grandmother, and many other
loved ones to breast cancer, it was a scary
diagnosis to receive myself.  Here is what happened on
my surgery day.


 A frightening day, that was so hard to face
 I decided  to put myself in a whole other place

As I lay alone in the hospital bed
 Panic and fear are filling my head.

Anxiety  getting the best of me
Oh, how will I g
et through the Mastectomy??  

 I will tell you now what worked for me,
I changed my thoughts with 
Mental imagery.  

They wheeled me to the operating room
So I close my eyes and pictured

This may sound so very strange to some
but there’s more to this story,
still yet to come. 

I arose from surgery, was escorted to the door
And to my surprise, was on the
Maternity Floor!

 I said to myself:  this must be a sign……

This is surely  
‘God’s wink’ 
and I knew I’d be fine.


30 comments on “A “God’s Wink” Moment

  • Wonderful Work! Your poem is just delightful, and the story itself ~ so amazing. Really goes to show you how “planting those seeds” can yield the harvest of your dreams I will remember your story always as I face my own challenges. Blessings and Love to you dear one — you have given your readers a truly special gift today. Thank you for bringing me to your post today and for this meaningful share. ~ Robyn Lee

  • Oh sweet friend. I’m one of the zombie mommies. I loved your God’s Wink poem. I lost my sister in March, and one of my dearest friends at 44 to this disease. Thank you for sharing this! All I can add is AMEN!

  • I loved your poem .. I am a surgeon myself and I have always had the habit of holding my patients hand as they are being anesthetised and many wonderful patients have shared with me magical moments and rituals like you ..some will talk to imaginary relative , some pray, some meditate , some will just talk an talk to me, some will cry silenty, others will hold a book, a picture a teddy bear , some will cover their faces, and even once had a patient who sneaked a turtle in the OR … But always … The very calm patient will have that magical peace somewhere inside .. A pink place like your warm hopeful blog … Thank you for the wonder moment and keep watching for all the signs to come .. After all .. god is winking to you …

  • A ‘God’s wink moment’ – I have never heard of such a moment, but now you phrase it that way, I can think of many such moments.

    I loved your poem, and am glad that happened as it did. I hope truly your operation was smooth & you are okay now. It would be a terrifying diagnosis indeed. Sincere, sincere best to you, and strength.

  • Hi Angela,
    Reading this was a bit of deja vu for me. Being a heart transplant survivor, I can empathize with the thoughts, doubts, and emotions. Terrified going in, and feeling wonderful waking up on the other side. Really enjoyed your presentation of the event. Very nice.

  • Even though l read your poem more than one time ,it still brings back the feelings when l had my heart surgery in 2009.even the Dr.Said’ l do my part the rest is up to God.”Thank you for keeping in touch.Blessings.jalal

  • Hi 🙂

    Came by to see what you’re up to, but obviously busy with LIFE! Well, good luck to you then, hee hee.

    Thanks for coming by like you do. I hope you get “something” out of what I offer the world.


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