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This is an important issue…wanted to share. Angela

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Last Friday at school, a boy walked up behind my daughter, put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Did you know that 99% of all rapes begin with some kind of casual contact?”

Pause for a moment.  Let it sink in. 

The hand on her shoulder.  The word “rape” mouthed so casually.  Her surprise.  Her attempt to brush it off.  The snide look on his face. The boys in the background, snickering or pretending not to hear.  The utter absence of allies or adults.  The snide look on his face.  The hand on her shoulder.    

This is not the first time this boy has harassed my daughter.  Ever since the beginning of the year, this boy has been making verbal jabs in her direction.  When she participates in classroom discussion, he derides her. He says mean, untrue things about her to his friends. He comments on what…

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Published April 21, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

There are lights that kiss the ocean
And lights that fill the skies
Lights on a warm summer breeze
Brought by fireflies

A glow from a far off window
Piercing the evening deep
And lights that cast their image
On a dark wet city street

Lights of day,
Lights of night
Some quiet gray
Some boisterous white

The lamp of love new found
The torch that sets men free
A glow of words profound
Restless fire of humanity

A flame that stands unafraid 
To guide the ships at sea
And lights of crimson, gold and jade
That fills a Christmas tree

Yet all these fused together 
Cannot compare in size
To light that shines
Within his sweet blue eyes

by –Angela

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