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Disco Destiny Part II

Published April 23, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

He kissed me with his eyes

I know I could love this man

Pains washed with a smile

My heart flies

Tomorrow is a better day



Published April 21, 2012 by boldbeautyfulyoungrestless

There are lights that kiss the ocean
And lights that fill the skies
Lights on a warm summer breeze
Brought by fireflies

A glow from a far off window
Piercing the evening deep
And lights that cast their image
On a dark wet city street

Lights of day,
Lights of night
Some quiet gray
Some boisterous white

The lamp of love new found
The torch that sets men free
A glow of words profound
Restless fire of humanity

A flame that stands unafraid 
To guide the ships at sea
And lights of crimson, gold and jade
That fills a Christmas tree

Yet all these fused together 
Cannot compare in size
To light that shines
Within his sweet blue eyes

by –Angela

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